Karnataka High Court Upholds Hijab Ban, BJP Welcomes Move

BP World Bureau | Mar 15 2022 06:57:40 PM
Image credits: Twitter

BENGALURU: Karnataka High Court has upheld the ban of hijab in educational institutions where it is not part of the uniform.
Students filed pleas seeking their right to wear hijab as part of the rights guaranteed by the constitution.
BJP ministers and legislators have welcomed the move and appealed to the public to uphold the verdict, opposition leaders urged caution.
Dr CN Ashwathnarayanan, the state Higher Education Minister, asked students to focus on their education.
Minister of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj KS Eshwarappa, said that it is not part of the uniform.
"Students who stayed away from school because they wanted to wear the hijab should go to school immediately,” he said.
Veteran BJP leader BS Yedyurappa must accept the High Court’s decision and attend classes.