Fulfilling People’s Dream Is My Happiness: PM Modi On Man Vs Wild

BP World Bureau | Aug 13 2019 01:54:59 PM
Image credits:youtube

NEW DELHI: “My position never goes to my head,” says Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his decision to associate survivalist Bear Grylls for a special episode for the adventure programme ‘Man Vs Wild’ broadcast on Discovery Channel.

PM Modi who has a great time in the deep forest on Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, has been described as a man with “great sport” by the world famous peripatetic Grylls after the trip.

My focus in on development and fulfilling people’s dreams gives me happiness, PM Modi was seen replying to Grylls on their conversation during their journey through dark jungle braving the rain and extreme cold.

The special episode got aired on August 12 and it got a wide reach among the world audience.

Grylls who had already featured the world leader Barack Obama, the former American President, described PM Modi as a model of calmness and cheerfulness while on a media interaction ahead of his special episode premiere.

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The adventure junkie Bear Grylls asked PM Modi about his childhood, as he ever dreamt of rising as a Prime Minister or whether he has nervousness before his first political rally or does he feared anything in his life.

PM Modi replied that he did not have a good story on “nervousness” because he hadn’t experienced it on his life.

“I am unable to say anything on nervousness or how to overcome such situation because I have never experienced it. I see positivity in everything thus never disappointed,” said PM Modi to Grylls.

For the younger generation I will say never think of life in pieces, consider life as a whole then there will be ups and downs. Whether you are going down don’t think about it because the way up starts from there,” PM Modi added.

And for Grylls’ question ever dreamt of becoming a Prime Minister PM Modi answered, his focus was always on the development of the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also shared message to world for the necessity of living in tune with nature, he said, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, or the whole world is one family.