India Slams USCIRF Over Citizenship (Amendment) Bill Remark

BP World Bureau | Dec 10 2019 05:23:20 PM
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NEW DELHI: The External Affairs Ministry issued a statement against  US Commission for International Religious Freedom saying that their statement on religious freedom on Citizenship (Amendment) Bill are “inaccurate".

The Ministry of External Affairs alleged that the USCIRF has been chosen to be guided only by its prejudices and biases on a matter on which it clearly has little knowledge and no locus standi.

The USCIRF earlier said that they are deeply troubled over the passage of the CAB in the Lok Sabha and are considering sanctions against the Home Minister Amit Shah.

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill has been passed by the Lok Sabha and it is expected that the Bill will be tabled in the Rajya Sabha, where the BJP does not have a majority, on Wednesday. 

MEA said that the CAB will not revoke the citizenship of Indians on faith.

Home Minister Amit Shah justified the bill saying that the government cannot be mute spectators to the persecution of minors in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan which are all Muslim dominated.

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The CAB will give citizenship to non-Muslim illegal immigrants hailing from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Whereas illegal immigrants will be deported under the NRC and this is seen as an anti-Muslim move by many citizens.