Meghalaya Tops List Of States With Women Managers

BP World Bureau | Sep 30 2021 10:17:12 AM
Image credits: Twitter

Meghalaya topped the list among all states or Union Territories in 2019-20 with more women employed in senior and middle management positions.

National Statistical Office report 2019-20 showed that the ratio of female workers at senior- and middle-level management positions in rural areas was higher than in urban areas.

Annual bulletin of the Periodic Labour Force Survey 2019-20 showed that states Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, and Punjab had the highest ratio of female workers as against male workers employed as legislators, senior officials, and managers.

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Jammu & Kashmir, Andaman and Nicobar Island, Delhi, Haryana, and Assam are states or union territories with the lowest ratio of female workers to total workers in managerial positions.

Both rural and urban ratios of female workers in senior and middle management positions overall stood at 18.8%.

When it comes to professionals and technical workers, the ratio of female workers to male workers in 2019-20 was highest for Sikkim, followed by Daman & Diu, and Meghalaya.