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Nipah Hits Kerala Again, Centre Rushes Team To The State

BP World Bureau | Sep 05 2021 10:45:22 AM
Image credits: Twitter

KOZHIKODE, KERALA: Kerala state Health Minister Veena George revealed that a 12-year-old boy has died due to a Nipah virus infection at a hospital in Kozhikode.

Union government has rushed a team from the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to Kerala.

Nipah has been confirmed by the Pune National Institute of Virology.

The boy experienced symptoms such as high fever, breathing problems, high temperature, and vomiting.

The state has been instructed by the centre to conduct active tracing and contain the spread of the disease. 

"There should be a strict quarantine of the contacts and isolation of any suspects," said the union government.

Minister Veena George asked the neighbouring Kannur and Malappuram districts to remain cautious. Tourism Minister PA Muhammad Riyas said that the state government has prepared an action plan. 

Nipah is a zoonotic virus and can be transmitted to humans from animals like bats.

There is no known cure or vaccine. The mortality rate for the disease is high. 

An outbreak in 2018 had claimed 17 lives in the state. 

A second outbreak was reported in 2019 but it was contained by the state. 

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