Priyanka Gandhi Calls Out BJP Government For Ignoring Farmers

BP World Bureau | Oct 09 2019 03:34:28 PM
Image credits: BP Creation

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra took to Twitter on Wednesday to slam the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh for treating farmers poorly. She wrote that the UP government cheated the farmers in the name of loan waiver and jailed them in the name of electricity bill.

Her criticism is right after a media report featuring two separate incidents of farmer's suicide over debt issues.

She said that the state government is devising new methods to harass the farmers and they are only remembered in advertisements. She also pointed out that the government did not give farmers compensation for crops lost in flood and rain.

Farmers from Uttar Pradesh marched to Delhi three weeks ago asking the centre to deal with issues like loan waivers, cheap electricity, and payment of sugarcane dues. The march was stopped at the border of UP and Delhi. Few of the representatives were allowed to meet with the officials at Krishi Bhavan.

Ms Gandhi called out the government for preventing the farmers from raising their demands. She wrote on Twitter why the farmers are not allowed to speak.

The Congress leader has been actively involved in the developments of Uttar Pradesh. A few days ago, she called out the UP state government for protecting the rape accused Chinmayanand too.

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