Sanae Takaichi And Seiko Nod In Race To Be Next Prime Minister

BP World Bureau | Sep 27 2021 10:36:47 AM
Image credits: Twitter

TOKYO, JAPAN: Two women are included among four male candidates to become the next prime minister of Japan. 

Sanae Takaichi and Seiko Noda are the first women in 13 years seeking the leadership of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. 

Winner of that election will become the next prime minister because of a parliamentary majority held by the LDP.

Sanae Takaichi is a conservative Takaichi advocates a kind of paternalistic nationalism and a stronger military. She had received criticisms for her sexist politics and conservative views. 

Seiko Noda supports women's advancement and sexual diversity.

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"Women have limited choices to survive and succeed; they can confront the boys' club politics or they can be loyal to them,” said Mayumi Taniguchi, Osaka University of Arts.

Women comprise only about 10% of Japan's parliament. Experts stated that women can go further only through party loyalty instead of batting for gender equality.