Tavleen Singh Voices Support For Son Aatish Taseer Whose OCI Revoked By Govt

BP World Bureau | Nov 08 2019 04:09:12 PM
Image credits: Twitter

MUMBAI: Journalist Tavleen Singh voiced support for her son and author Aatish Taseer whose Indian citizenship has been revoked by the Indian because his father is a Pakistani. 

Taking to Twitter, she said that she will stand for her son's rights and reminded the authorities regarding his mother's status as an Indian. She also pointed out that the move was because of an article he wrote that the home minister didn't like.

Aatish Taseer's father is Pakistani politician Salmaan Taseer and he has been accused of hiding this particular detail from the authorities. 

Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) is a permanent visa for persons of Indian origin born in a foreign nation and under Citizenship Act, 1955, it will not be given to those with Pakistani parents or grandparents. 

Aatish Taseer's OCI was revoked by the home ministry and was accused of concealing his father's identity details. 

Tavleen Singh claimed that she applied for Aatish's Indian citizenship when he was brought to India at the age of two.

Aatish Taseer, on the other hand, wrote an article in TIME regarding the revoking of OCI. He vehemently wrote that he is Indian, and he never had to articulate his feelings for the nation.

He said that his mother message regarding his OCI and had 21 days to respond but received a letter from the Home Ministry on the 20th day. 

He said that as of now he might not get a standard tourist visa for India as informed by the Consul General in New York.

Home Ministry official said that he is not eligible for OCI due to his father's status as a Pakistani.

OCI is primarily to people with Indian roots so that they can stay in India without the need for a VISA.

Aatish claimed that this revoking of OCI is an attack on him because he was critical of the Modi government. He had written an article for TIME where he called Modi a "divider-in-chief".