US Capitol Riots: Impeachment Move Intensifies

BP World Bureau | Jan 10 2021 12:36:22 PM
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WASHINGTON, US: Efforts to remove President Donald Trump from office just days before transition have intensified after he instigated a coup that led to an attack on the US Capitol and the death of five people. 

Democrats announced that at least 180 members of Congress would co-sponsor an article of impeachment they intend to introduce in the House of Representatives and several Republican members have also expressed their support. 

California congressman Ted Lieu, repeated demands for President Trump to resign or "face the ignominy of being the first president to be impeached twice."

Majority of the 222 Democratic House members were onboard for impeachment.

A letter to the New York state bar demanded the disbarment of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, who advocated “trial by combat” at a rally before the attack.

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 Trump's allies continued to abandon him and Twitter banned him.

So far, vice president Mike Pence has not said anything about utilising the 25th amendment to overpower him. 

Even then, some Republicans are trying to dissuade Democrats from removing him though many echo their views.

Republican senator, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, demanded the President's resignation. 

Multiple arrests have been made along with over 50 people linked to the US capitol violence detained. 

Florida resident photographed walking off with the lectern of the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has been arrested. 

Arizona based man, who sat on the vice president's chair in the Senate, dressed in horns and animal skins, has been arrested as well. 

70-year-old Alabama man was charged after his truck was discovered packed with homemade bombs and guns.

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Amidst calls for impeachment and the 25th amendment, President Trump conceded defeat to Democratic nominees Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who have been elected as president and vice president respectively. 

"To those who engage in acts of violence and destruction: you do not represent our country. And to those who broke the law: you will pay," he said in his speech.