US Presidential Debate: Trump On India's Air Pollution, Biden Slams Trump Administration's COVID-19 Handling

BP World Bureau | Oct 23 2020 10:35:02 AM
Image credits: BP creatives

WASHINGTON, US: The final presidential debate between Republican President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden was held in Nashville, Tennessee, moderated by NBC News correspondent Kristen Welker.

Trump had been interrupting Biden continuously and his mic was switched off at one point. 

Biden slammed the Trump administration for their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic by saying that the man responsible for over 220,000 deaths should not be in power. 

Trump, on the other hand, slammed Biden for "listening to scientists and Fauci" to which Biden had replied that he will. 

The former vice president who served with Barack Obama said that the Trump administration has no plan to stop a “dark winter” of coronavirus deaths.

Trump himself was diagnosed but he has left the hospital in the middle of the treatment and at one point removed his facemask in public. 

He had mocked Biden for wearing masks during the first presidential debate. 

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About the climate crisis, Trump defended the decision to pull out of the Paris accord by saying that they have spent trillions in it. He took a dig at India by saying that the air is filthy.