Women’s Cardinal Share In AAP’s Stupefying Victory in Delhi

BP World Bureau | Feb 14 2020 11:07:08 AM
Image credits: Twitter

Had it not been the massive contribution from women voters, the Aam Aadmi Party's victory would have ended up with a narrow margin. The Indian Express reported about the crucial role of women voters in the AAP’s astounding victory in the Delhi Assembly Elections, quoting a survey conducted by Lokniti-CSDS. 

Delhi 2020 poll eve survey was conducted by Lokniti-CSDS and they released a demographic which suggested that 60% of women voted in favour of AAP. 

The victory also broke stereotypical belief that women vote based on the advice of their husbands or other male members of the family. 

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal specifically requested women to ensure that they exercise their voting right and he asked them to discuss with their families and to take their men to the polling booth.

The BJP and the Congress got more votes from men than women. BJP and Congress got 8% and 2% point lower vote shares respectively. 

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In 2015, more women voted for BJP than men and the AAP’s lead over the BJP among women had been much lower at 19% points.

Lokniti never witnessed such a major divide in voting preferences on gender lines even when Congress leader Sheila Dikshit was the chief minister of Delhi. 

The genders gap this time that it cuts across nearly all castes and communities, classes and age and there is not a single community this time where more women voted for BJP than men. 

AAP’s vote share among Dalit women is 25% more than  Dalit men. Among Jat, Gujjar and Yadav women, the vote share was 18% points more.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been vociferous about women's rights, empowerment and safety. He had made Delhi schoolboys take an oath against violence against women and that they will not misbehave with women. 

He announced a free bus rides scheme for women in October 2019 as a way to encourage them to take up public transport and spaces. 

Women who availed the scheme were found to support AAP 42% points more than the BJP

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Another factor that worked against BJP was their stance against the anti CAA protests and Shaheen Bagh women. BJP leaders' campaign was centred around the protests and CAA.

More women were involved in the Shaheen Bagh yet BJP leaders threw threats at them, notably Yogi Adityanath who indirectly referred to them as “terrorists who deserve to get bullets.” He slammed the AAP government for serving them biriyanis. 

Another BJP leader said that Shaheen Bagh protestors are the kind who will rape women and children in their homes. 

Minister Amit Shah wanted the people of Delhi to choose between CAA and Shaheen Bagh. 

The survey noted that women were far less supportive of CAA and NRC than men. More women questioned the police brutality against the students than men. 

Kejriwal had made his support for Shaheen Bagh and against CAA and NRC clear.