Science & Technology

All You Need To Know About Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Jan 09 2020 05:44:41 PM

You may have heard of total lunar eclipse and partial lunar eclipse. But, have you heard of the penumbral lunar eclipse? A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the moon falls into the Earth's outer shadow which is called the Penumbra.

India Can Achieve $5 Trillion Economy With Artificial Intelligence: Piyush Goyal
Jan 06 2020 04:59:56 PM

Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said that India can achieve the target of becoming a $5 trillion economy by using various forms of artificial intelligence.

ISRO To Train IAF Pilots To Send Them To Space
Jan 01 2020 03:59:55 PM

ISRO Chief K Sivan announced that four Indian Air Force pilots have been identified to be given the training to take part in India’s ‘Gaganyaan’, a man mission to space. The project is being progressed and expected to be launched in 2022.

Pollution Increased Fog Intensity In Delhi: Study
Dec 30 2019 12:34:30 PM

Delhi is currently experiencing a severe degree of fog and an intense drop in the atmospheric temperature, which is regarded as the lowest temperature experienced by the state.

Why Learning To Play Chess Is Beneficial For Everyone
Dec 03 2019 04:48:26 PM

Chess players are often regarded as smart. It takes many cognitive skills to play chess which means there is no better way to hone those skills. Children are often encouraged to play chess saying that it will make them better at math. But is that all chess can do?

Indian Scientist Makes Recyclable Packaging Material From Banana Plant
Dec 01 2019 11:36:54 AM

A research team led by an Indian origin scientist announced the discovery of a packaging material that is made from banana plantation waste that is both recyclable and biodegradable in nature.

The Rise Of Mental Health Apps
Nov 29 2019 04:27:20 PM

Over 10,000 mental health apps are waiting for you to download them on your phone. They offer help and guidance to overcome and understand mental health issues. The popularity of mental health apps indicates a positive change.

Kasaragod To Witness Rare Solar Eclipse - Ring Of Fire
Nov 21 2019 04:59:24 PM

Cheruvathur village in Kerala's Kasaragod district is all set to witness a rare phenomenon called 'Ring of Fire'. It is the annual solar eclipse in which the New Mon will cast its shadow on earth and cover a major part of the sun.

Vikram Made A Hard Landing: ISRO On Chandrayaan-2
Nov 21 2019 10:09:59 AM

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) released an official statement saying that Vikram lander has made a hard landing on the moon during the Chandrayaan- 2 mission.

Deepfakes: Popular App Turned Horror Story
Nov 18 2019 11:00:13 AM

Deepfakes make a lot of people nervous as they create fake videos or audio recordings that look and sound just like the real thing.

Minal Rohit: Woman Behind The Mangalyaan Mission
Nov 16 2019 12:20:22 PM

Minal Rohit was one of the driving forces behind the Mangalyaan mission where India made it to Mars in their first attempt.

US Honours Women Who Inspired 'Hidden Figures' With Congressional Gold Medals
Nov 10 2019 11:44:41 AM

President Donald Trump signed into law the Hidden Figures Congressional Gold Medal Act which will provide award to four African American women.