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There Is Evidence Of Alien Life On Mars, Says Former NASA Scientist
Oct 15 2019 06:39:23 PM

A former senior scientist claimed that Nasa found evidence of alien life in the 1970s and dismissed it.

US Woman Designs Virtual Reality Travelling Experiences For Senior Citizen
Oct 15 2019 04:07:26 PM

The 22-year-old entrepreneur Carleigh Berryman and her Via Vita that focuses on virtual reality have developed a VR to help older men and women to experience travelling.

White Lies In Early Parenting Days Leads Children To Lie In Adulthoods
Oct 10 2019 05:45:11 PM

Simple lies told by parents to young children doesn't have positive results in the long run.

Three Scientists ShareThis Year’s Nobel Prize For Chemistry
Oct 09 2019 05:38:48 PM

Three scientists - John B Goodenough, M Stanley Whittingham, and Akira Yoshino were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their contributions for developing lithium-ion batteries.

First-Ever All-Female Spacewalk Likely To Take Place On Oct 21: NASA
Oct 05 2019 01:09:45 PM

NASA has announced that the first-ever spacewalk of an all-female crew will take place on October 21.

Chandrayaan-2 Detects Particles On The Moon
Oct 04 2019 12:22:31 PM

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) revealed that Chandrayaan-2 payload has detected elements such as Sodium, Calcium, Aluminium, Titanium, Iron and Silicon.

Pandit Jasraj Becomes The First Indian Musician To Have A Planet Named After
Oct 03 2019 02:54:11 PM

International Astronomical Union (IAU) has named a minor planet found between Mars and Jupiter after Indian classical musician Pandit Jasraj. The minor planet traverses between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Why It Is Hard for Mothers To Control Teenagers
Sep 27 2019 03:39:15 PM

Most mothers have a hard time having conversations with teenagers. Most of the blame goes to hyperactive teenage hormones.

NASA Tweets Pictures of Patches On Moon Surface To Prove Chandrayaan 2 Had ‘Hard Landing’
Sep 27 2019 11:06:39 AM

NASA who tweeted some pictures of the moon surface which evidently shown that Vikram lander had harshly landed there, but they added that the team of scientists couldn’t locate India’s lander.

Indian Women Are More Hyper-Casual Gamers Than Men: Study
Sep 26 2019 04:05:04 PM

The stereotype that showcases gaming as a hobby for men is no longer in the picture. A study by CyberMedia Research says that 95% of Indian women are active gamers in comparison to 86% of men.

Neurons That Remove Unnecessary Memory During Sleep Discovered
Sep 23 2019 04:21:46 PM

Neurons That Remove Unnecessary Memory During Sleep Discovered

Chandrayaan-2: 14 Day Window Ends Today, All Hopes Lost
Sep 21 2019 11:54:04 AM

14-day window to retrieve and establish communication with Vikram lander ends today for the Indian Space Research Organisation .