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NASA Lauds Chandrayaan 2 Mission, Calls It A Big Step Forward

BP World Bureau | Sep 08 2019 09:38:56 AM
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WASHINGTON: United States-based space agency NASA lauded India's attempts to land on the South pole of the moon by saying that it is a huge step forward for India as a nation.

India's ambitious second mission to the moon-faced a technical snag leading to the loss of communication in the last fifteen minutes.

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United States state department also lauded Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

If the Chandrayaan 2 moon mission was successful then India would have become the fourth country to soft land on the moon after Russia, US and China who have achieved the feat.

Chandrayaan 2 lander Vikram was expected to touch down on the lunar surface but ISRO lost communication with the lander thus unable to point out if they landed or not.

According to the scientists at ISRO, they have not given up hope on establishing contact with the lander yet, revealed K Sivan, ISRO chief.

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They will be making efforts to establish a contact in the next two weeks.

Faulty execution in the last stage of the operation led to the loss of communication according to Sivan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi commended the efforts taken by the ISRO scientists and said that the best is yet to come. India will be doing another mission, Chandrayaan 3, to the moon.

Modi also watched the Chandrayaan 2 mission live on TV until they lost communication.

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Chandrayaan 2 intended to land on South pole where no one else has landed before. They wanted to explore and study the evolution of the moon and more details about its topography.