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DRDO Develops UV Systems For Sanitising Gadgets, Cash

BP World Bureau | May 11 2020 12:18:13 PM
Image credits: BP creatives

HYDERABAD: Research Centre Imarat (RCI),  Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) premier lab based in Hyderabad, developed an automated contactless UVC sanitisation cabinet, called Defence Research Ultraviolet Sanitiser (DRUVS) amidst the COVID outbreak and lockdown.

This helps in sanitising objects such as mobile phones, iPods, iPads, laptops, notes, cheque, challans, passbooks, paper, envelopes, and other commonly shared objects. 

DRDO's DRUVS cabinet is having a contactless operation that helps in containing the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. 

The way it works, the proximity sensor switches, clubbed with drawer opening and closing mechanism makes it both automatic and contactless for people, making it safe. 

The system goes to sleep mode after the sanitization is done.