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India’s Space Telescope Completes 5-Year Mission Life: ISRO

BP World Bureau | Sep 29 2020 10:45:50 AM
Image credits: Twitter

BENGALURU: ISRO informed that India’s first astronomy mission has completed its five-year mission life and is expected to last a few years based on suitable conditions. 

The multi-wavelength space telescope called AstroSat was launched five years ago on September 24th. 

Dr. K Sivan, the chairperson of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), said during a webinar that the Indian space agency has big plans for space astronomy and exploration.

ISRO will see the launch of XPoSat, a mission dedicated to studying the X-ray polarisation from cosmic sources, also it will be the first polarimetric mission in half a century.

The data from AstroSat is being studied by 1,500 users from 43 countries, indicating its success at the international level.

It helped in detecting UV light from a galaxy 9.3 billion light-years away from the Earth.