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What To Know About Information Technology Rules, 2021

BP World Bureau | Feb 26 2021 07:02:50 PM
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NEW DELHI: The Draft of Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 is out. 

As per the new draft, the government introduced the requirement to trace the 'originator' of “mischievous” messages and tweets, or any such digital information. 

This rule will be warranted on digital information that may deem as national security threats or on crimes like rape and child sexual abuse (CSA).

In order to comply with this rule and trace the sources, social media platforms would need to rework their encryption models.

Critics expressed concerns about how this can compromise user privacy and for social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Signal which uses end-to-end encryption. 

Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF), a collective of legal and policy experts, highlighted that IT Rules have introduced the requirement of traceability of the originator of the information, which would break the end-to-end encryption of those apps like WhatsApp and Signal. 

IFF also pointed out how bad actors could potentially falsely modify the originator information to frame an innocent person.