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Mathematician Katherine Johnson: One Of The Brains Behind NASA’s Space Missions

BP World Bureau | Feb 26 2020 02:04:01 PM
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Kathrine Johnson also is known as the ‘human computer’ was regarded as one of the most brilliant minds of her generation. She passed away at the age of 101. 

During her lifetime, as an African American woman working in National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NASA) in 1953, at a time when racism and sexism were at the peak, she took NASA to a whole new level. 

She was only regarded as a ‘subprofessional’, a post at part with janitors in NASA. Her work was checked by the all-white male team who deny her the calculators or scales needed to make complex calculations. 

Yet, she made the mathematical calculations need to sent astronauts to orbit the earth and even helped in sending Neil Armstrong to the moon.

She worked at NASA for 33 years and there is a building named after her.