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Antagonistic People Look At Women As Sex Objects: Study

BP World Bureau | Jan 30 2020 11:19:32 AM
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People who are generally antagonistic and mean in nature tend to look at women as mere sexual objects, according to a study. People who are very mean to others, along with disinhibition or impulsive, their behaviour serves a predictor sexual objectification of women.

Personality traits such as psychopathy, which is a  personality disorder associated with characteristics, such as impulsivity, boldness, narcissism, disinhibition, cold-heartedness, and meanness, predict a person's tendency to see women as sexual objects.

Researchers from US's  Emory University, in their study, added that sexual objectification is a precursor to sexual violence and sexual harassment.

The author of the study Thomas Costello said that understanding the behaviour patterns and personality traits related to objectification of women can help one identify those who might show this attitude and design a suitable intervention for them.

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The study published in the journal 'Personality Disorders: Theory, Research and Treatment' is about identifying personality traits which correlate of interpersonal sexual objectification.

This is done because although MeToo movement gave an insight into the extent of sexual assault and sexual harassment taking place, a person's tendency to view women as sexual objects is not discussed much.

In this particular study, researchers aim was to check whether psychopathy is linked with sexual aggression, harassment and violence. This can help them understand and predict attitudes that feed sexual objectification among people.

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Sexual objectification of women itself is a process of dehumanisation of women whether they are disregarded as individuals with autonomy. The study is based on a survey with questions about attitudes, behaviours, regarding sexual objectification and measurements of personality traits related to psychopathy.

The study noted that meanness was the strongest predictor for sexual objectification that lead to sexual violence.