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All You Need To Know About Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

BP World Bureau | Jan 09 2020 05:44:41 PM
Image credits: Twitter

You may have heard of total lunar eclipse and partial lunar eclipse. But, have you heard of the penumbral lunar eclipse?

A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the moon falls into the Earth's outer shadow which is called the Penumbra. It is different from other lunar eclipses in which Earth is positioned between the sun and the moon. The year 2020 has four penumbral lunar eclipses and the first one is on January 10th. It can be seen all over from Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa. 

There is a bunch of folklore and myths associated with this eclipse in various cultures. This eclipse is called 'the Wolf Moon' as well. 

In India, the eclipse will begin at 10.37 PM - and last for four hours and five minutes - till 2.42 Am on January 11. The maximum eclipse is likely to be seen from India at 12.42 AM on January 11.