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Swati Mohan: The Indianness In US’ Historic Mars Mission

BP World Bureau | Feb 20 2021 03:08:23 PM
Image credits: Twitter

Indian-American Dr Swati Mohan played the crucial role as one of the scientists on the historic Mars mission where the United States landed Perseverance Rover on Mars.

She worked as the Guidance, Navigation, and Controls (GN&C) Operations Lead. GN&C's role is to be the ‘eyes and ears’ of the spacecraft.

Added to that, Dr Swati Mohan is the lead systems engineer, being the key communicator between her team and the project. 

NASA's most advanced astrobiological laboratory, Perseverance Rover, landed on Mars.

The rover will now start searching for life on the red planet. 

She migrated to the US from India when she was just one year old. 

She grew up in Virginia and completed her graduation from Cornell University in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and her M.S. and PhD from MIT in Aeronautics.

She took part in Saturn (Cassini) mission and as well as the mission where a spacecraft that was flown to the Moon (Grail).

She wanted to be a space scientist after being inspired by Star Trek.