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Noor Inayat Khan: World War II Spy Who Worked Against Nazis
Aug 03 2020 02:52:05 PM

She spied on the Nazis but was eventually betrayed and captured. She was executed by the Nazis at Dachau concentration camp.

Triple Talaq Practice Reduced By 82% Since Last Year
Aug 01 2020 02:55:31 PM

The number of triple talaq cases has reduced since the passage of Protection of Marriage Rights (Act), according to a date shared by union Law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

#ChallengeAccepted Origins: A Women’s Right Protest In Turkey
Jul 30 2020 12:17:39 PM

A Women’s Right Protest In Turkey

Indian Women Seek More Leadership Level Opportunities: Survey
Jul 29 2020 01:16:52 PM

The survey collected opinions of over 2500 women, showing an overwhelming need for leadership level policy changes.

Black Women Scientists Underrepresented In Textbooks: Study
Jul 25 2020 02:28:51 PM

Researchers checked over 1,000 scientific names featured in seven modern biology textbooks used to teach undergraduates entering science and medicine.

Sonu Sood To Start Self-Defense School For Women With Pune’s Warrior Aaji
Jul 25 2020 11:45:38 AM

Sonu Sood reacted to a viral video of the 85-year-old Shanta Balu Pawar performing laathi stunts on the street in a saree, saying that he wants to open a self-defence school for women.

Centre Grants Permanent Commission To Women Officers In Army
Jul 24 2020 12:15:36 PM

Ministry of Defence (MoD) issued the formal Government Sanction Letter for grant of Permanent Commission (PC) for women army officers.

Woman Saves Four Year Old Daughter From Kidnappers In Delhi
Jul 24 2020 10:32:21 AM

woman was caught on camera saving her four-year-old daughter from two men on bikes who tried to kidnap the child from her house in East Delhi’s Shakarpur.

Femicide Rate Spikes In Turkey And Mexico, Leaders Cut Legal Protection For Women
Jul 24 2020 10:29:44 AM

Femicide Rate Spikes In Turkey And Mexico, Leaders Cut Legal Protection For Women

Dalit Sisters Sue Kerala Panchayat For Their Rightful Laptop
Jul 22 2020 06:26:11 PM

Two Dalit Sisters Sued A Panchayat, Kerala Govt For Resources

Roshni Nadar Malhotra New Chief Of HCL Tech
Jul 18 2020 11:58:17 AM

Roshni Nadar Malhotra New Chief Of HCL Tech

Kerala CM Thanks Woman For Taking Care Of Baby Whose Parents Were COVID Patients
Jul 17 2020 06:11:44 PM

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan lauded Mary Anitha who took care of a six-month-old baby after his parents tested positive for COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus disease).