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Acid attacks in India; Survivors face social and economic consequences

BP World Bureau | May 19 2022 01:30:20 PM
Image Credits: Open Source

Acid attacks became the most common violence in South Asia. In India, 78 per cent of acid attacks are due to refusal of marriage, rejection of love and personal causes. According to a UNICEF report, most of the acid attack victims are girls, below the age of 18.  Every year, 250 to 300 acid attack incidents are reported. The Acid Survivors Trust International says that the actual number of attacks could exceed 1,000. Sulphuric, hydrochloric and nitric acids are easily available in our country. The government authorities observed the sale of acids in the local market. The illegal sale and followed attacks are considered a non-bailable offence.

According to the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013, any substance which has an acidic or burning character, that has the capability of causing injury to the body or temporary or permanent disability. The Supreme Court says that acid attacks are crueller than killing a person. With the burning pain, the victims will suffer social, psychological and economic consequences to survive. The cosmetic surgeries are too costly so the rehabilitation of the survivors becomes difficult. It will not damage their skin but their soul.