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Afghan Pop Star Recounts Kabul Escape, Says She Was Lucky

BP World Bureau | Aug 25 2021 01:08:03 PM
Image credits: Twitter

Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed said that she is heartbroken to see the condition of the country and disappointed to see that Afghanistan has been let down by the world. 

Sayeed fled from Kabul on a US military plane when the Taliban took over the capital. She left on August 15 when the Taliban entered Kabul. She is a household name among Afghans due to her music and celebrity status.  

The singer told NDTV that she is disappointed and upset over how Afghanistan has been left alone. "My heart goes out to the millions of innocent people inside Afghanistan who have nowhere to go," she added. 

Aryana said that she is one of the lucky ones with a UK passport who could get out. She went to Turkey where she resides full-time with her husband, Hasib Sayed, an Afghan music producer.

She stated that the terror group was already all over the place the day she left and it was horrifying to see thousands rush into the airport. "There was absolute chaos at the airport. Children were crying, people piled on top of each other. There was no space, no air to breathe. It was heartbreaking," said the singer.

She also shared the devastating experience of a mother handing a baby to her when she was entering the airport. But the soldiers did not allow it. 

She also commented on the Taliban's claims to treat women better. She said she does not believe the terror group and added that she hopes that the world holds them accountable. "In the hands of the Taliban, there will be no future for Afghan women." 

"I hope the world wakes up and helps Afghanistan... I hope women do not get shot in the head like they used to (under the previous Taliban regime). I am worried about the women who will be stuck inside their houses," she added.

The pop singer stated that she believes in the power of humanity and the strength of Afghan women.