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Afghan Woman From DU Voice Against Taliban

BP World Bureau | Aug 22 2021 05:44:37 PM
Image credits: Twitter

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN: Afghan women have taken to the streets to protest against the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan. 

24-year-old Afghan girl Crystal Bayat, a graduate from Delhi University, has been leading the protests. 

Her mother is a teacher while her father works in the interior ministry. Bayat returned to Afghanistan after finishing her degree in 2019. 

“If we let the Taliban win on this, then whatever progress women have made in the last 20 years will come undone. Women need to be made a part of the economic, administrative and political process,” she said. 

She had been getting threatening calls from men who claimed to be with the Taliban. 

They have been asking her to stand down and step away from protests. 

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Women leaders from various sections have been getting threats. While the Taliban assured that women will be given their rights, citizens claimed that it is nothing short of farce. 

Even in Bayat's protests, only a handful of women have been turning up to participate.