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All We Are Asking For Is Rights: Afghan Women To Taliban

BP World Bureau | Sep 03 2021 11:27:47 AM
Image credits: Twitter

HERAT, AFGHANISTAN: Over 70 women took to the streets of Herat to protest against the Taliban's takeover of the nation.

Taliban spokesperson assured that women’s right to education and work will be reserved per Sharia Islamic law. 

However, women journalists, soldiers, and others have been asked to stay at home. 

There are concerns that girls above 8 years of age will be stopped from getting an education. 

Taliban banned co-education and erased women’s faces from public posters.

Taliban members were caught laughing sarcastically when asked about women's rights in leadership roles. 

Mariam Ebram told the media that they arranged the protest out of frustration with the lack of answers from the Taliban government.

So far, she and her colleagues were stopped from going to work. Taliban is also notorious for forcefully marrying widows, divorcees, and other unmarried women, subjecting them to sexual slavery.