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Dia Mirza Shuts Down Trolls With Grace; Upholds the Importance of Choices

BP World Bureau | Apr 06 2021 02:00:42 PM
Image credits: Instagram

Dia Mirza recently took to Instagram to share the news of her pregnancy. But some used it as an opportunity to shame the actress. 

Dia made headlines in February for breaking stereotypes with her wedding. She appointed a woman priest to officiate the wedding and ensure that the wedding was completely eco-friendly. Trolls questioned the timing of her pregnancy announcement and asked why she chose not to break the stigma surrounding pregnancy before marriage. 

The actress chose to respond with grace and clarity. She said that she and her husband did not get married because they were having a baby together. "We were already marrying as we wanted to spend our lives together. We discovered we were going to have a baby while we were planning our wedding. So this marriage is not the result of pregnancy," said Mirza. She said the decision to not announce the pregnancy until now was due to medical reasons alone.

She wrote that "there must never be any shame attached to this beautiful journey" and "as women, we must always exercise our choice, whether we choose to be single and parent a child or be in a marriage it is after all our choice". "This is the happiest news of my life. I’ve waited for many many years for this to happen. No way I would hide it for any reason other than medical," added the 39-year-old.

She also insisted that as a society we must un-stereotype our idea of what is right or wrong, instead of training ourselves to ask what is fair or unfair.