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Domino’s woman employee gets beaten up by a women gang in Indore

BP World Bureau | Jun 14 2022 10:40:58 AM
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In a video shared on social media, a young woman, a Domino's employee, is seen mercilessly thrashed and grabbed by the hair in full public view by a group of women in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore.

The four women beat up the victim, a pizza chain employee, using sticks and fists, for allegedly staring at them.

They continue to hit her even after she falls to the ground, crying out in pain. The most surprising thing is that no one comes to the rescue of the woman who is beaten up by the local gang.

"Go file a complaint," dares one of the women when the victim says she will call the police.

Finally, she escapes by hiding in a nearby house.

The police have registered against them on the complaint of the victim.