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Faye D'Souza Resigns From Mirror Now, Followers Express Disappointment

BP World Bureau | Sep 10 2019 11:35:47 AM

Faye D'Souza was popular among viewers and netizens for being the voice of citizens and her decision to resign as the Executive Editor from Mirror Now channel came as a shock.

Sources revealed that Vinay Tewari will replace Faye D'Souza as the new managing editor of Mirror Now.

However, Faye D'Souza will still play an important role in the English news channel.

Faye D'Souza joined Times Group in October 2008. She also worked at CNBC-TV18 for four years before joining Times group.

The channel, which was earlier known as ‘Magicbricks’ was rebranded as Mirror Now in April 2017 after Faye took part as the head of the channel. She had told that if the news was about people then it will resonate.

Faye was lauded for raising issues faced by the common people and for questioning the flaws of the system. She was considered for being bold, vociferous and for raising strong points. She conducted debates in her prime-time show, ‘The Urban Debate' and the netizens loved her personality.

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The video of her rants against the religious politics had gone viral where she slammed all the political parties for seeking votes based on religion as opposed to addressing actual issues faced by people such as jobs, farmers suicide, finances, and pollution.

"Any conversation you want to have about my religion, go to hell. My religion is not your business. Air pollution is your business, water pollution is your business," she said.

The video made her famous among Indian households. She was further lauded for her bold reply against a religious fundamentalist who made a sexist derogatory statement during a panel discussion about cyber violence against actresses.

The Maulana said that women should wear underwear to be equal to men while coming to work, sarcastically responding to Faye who defended actress Sana Fatima who wore a bikini in one of her Instagram posts.

"This is a channel run by a woman and this is not a woman you can easily rattle. You cannot rattle me," she said.


Another notable moment was when she points out the dropping economy of India and questioned the government. She also made bold remarks against a priest who defended Bishop Franco who was accused of rape by pointing out Pope's admission of sexual harassment happening against nuns.

She has been felicitated with ‘Journalist of the Year’ by the Redlink Award.

“Mirror Now does not deserve her,” wrote a user.

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