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Why Women Should Communicate With Female Friends More

BP World Bureau | Oct 23 2021 10:35:35 AM
Image credits: Twitter

A recent study by the researchers at the Beckman Institute for advanced science and technology found that communicating with your female friends decreases the stress hormone levels for women.

The study showed that women evolve an alternate mechanism as a response to the stress they go through. And as a result, they can befriend other women.

For the research 32 women were tested, of which 16 were aged 62 to 79 and another 16 aged 18 to 25. It was found that the younger adults communicate better with their familiar partners whereas the older women were less efficient in communicating with their partners.

The study also said that a rise in our salivary levels indicates more stress. However, both the age groups that were working with familiar partners had less cortisol / salivary levels. Having friendships and familiar partners lower down your stress levels.