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First Woman ‘Afghan Star’ Rises To Fight Against Taliban With Her Music

BP World Bureau | Mar 31 2019 10:36:51 AM
Image Credits: You Tube

KABUL: Zahra Elham, the first woman to win the title ‘Afghan Star’ a popular televised singing competition, said that she will fight against the Taliban with her music for her country’s safe future.

Zahra who won the 14th edition of the American idol kind programme after male contestants took the prize 13 years in a row, embraced a victory rich in symbolism as her country faces an uncertain future.

As per the reports, her victory made international headlines as she was coming from one among the patriarchal countries which were also under the threat of the Taliban.

And her words after the achievement that ‘she would use her music to fight against Taliban for her country’ overwhelmed the people across Afghanistan, said the report.

The judges of the competition and audiences were enchanted by her performance where she sang a Persian folk in traditional loose with a high-pitched and raspy voice, according to the report.

The television channel Tolo which produces ‘Afghan Star’ still highlights the triumph Zahra who hails from a country’s ethnic Hazara minority, in order to inspire other girls too.

She said in the media interaction that she was very proud of herself but at the same time she was shocked to be the first woman to win the contest.

Zahra in her early 20s also said that the programme has very importance in a country like Afghanistan where women were largely absent from public spaces. And she believes that her voice is important for the women in Afghanistan.

Afghan Pop singer and social media star Aryana Sayeed was her inspiration when she saw a girl like Aryana Sayeed she thought to herself that ‘if she could do so, then Zahra also could do that. Aryana has two hands and two legs, as, like Zahra, she said.

She further said that the Taliban has imposed many restrictions under Islam like banning of music and forced women behind closed doors and beneath burkas, during their austere rule of Afghanistan from 1996 until they were ousted in 2001.

Since then Afghan Government was under bloody insurgency imposed by Taliban and other US-led international troops.

However, the young women of Afghanistan, who are keenly aware that how their gender was suppressed under Taliban rule, has an attitude to fight against this, she added.

She said she would never enter into politics after gaining fame, her plan was to fight against the Taliban with her music. She said that she has plans to learn guitar and make more video clips of herself performing and upload in social media, to inspire women all over the world to come out cages.