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Gaming Enthusiast Puts Kancheepuram Village On World Map With Board Game

BP World Bureau | Apr 11 2021 03:20:59 PM
Image credits: BP creatives

Madhu Sundar, a game enthusiast and saree lover, wanted to tell stories of the lost and dying textiles and crafts of India like Kancheepuram silk.

She created a board game to introduce Tamil Nadu’s Kancheepuram village along with its textile, temples, and trajectory. 

"I merged everything I liked into this game —weavers, weaving, game strategy, and all," she said speaking about her interest in Kancheepuram.

She is the founder of Mad4Fun Games and came up with the concept to put the Tamil Nadu village and its art on the world map.

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Designer Darshini Sundar helped Madhu with the design aesthetics and game strategy. 

The board game ‘Ettana’ works such that; It can be played by 4 players above 8 years of age.

It consists of a board with 5×5 octagons, design cards, action cards, coin tokens, coloured pegs that represent yarns of different colours and numbered tiles.