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IPS Officer D Roopa Remain Firm Amid Trolls Over "True Indology"

BP World Bureau | Nov 19 2020 11:34:34 AM
Image credits: Twitter

Karnataka IPS officer D Roopa gave her response to the on-going trolling over her comments on firecrackers and true "Indology."

The tussle between the IPD officer and account named True Indology began with  Roopa questioning the need to burst firecrackers during Deepavali celebrations and its response. 

True Indology account was suspended, angering the right-wing section of Twitter. Several accounts came in support including actress Kangana Ranaut who is also a right-wing-leaning person. 

D Roopa, the Home Secretary to the Government of Karnataka, said that she chose not to say anything because for her there is life beyond Twitter and that people have 'real responsibilities'.

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Kangana Ranaut has attacked D Roopa Moudgil over her comments on bursting firecrackers on Diwali and called for her suspension.

Ranaut said that someone like IPS officer Roopa is a shame on the police force.

On November 14th, Bengaluru police officer shared her Facebook post stating bursting firecrackers was not part of the Hindu tradition.