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Iran Finally Allows Women Spectators In Football Stadium After 40 Years

BP World Bureau | Oct 09 2019 01:46:46 PM
Image credits: Twitter

TEHRAN: Curbing the 40 years old conservative rule, finally, the Iranian government agreed to allow female fans to enter the football stadium to watch the match after the FIFA threatened to suspend the Islamic republic over this male-oriented policy.  

Iran has been prohibited female spectators from football and other stadiums over 40 years claiming that women must be shielded from the masculine atmosphere and sight of semi-clad men.

FIFA, world football’s governing body has ordered the country to give permission to female football fans to enter the stadium without any restrictions and tickets should be provided with the number of demands.

The order has come after a football fan dubbed ‘blue girl’ set herself on fire in fear of imprisonment after she was caught by the authorities from a stadium where she was watching the match from the gallery by dressing up as a boy.

The first batch of tickets for women has sold out within an hour for Iran's 2022 World Cup qualifier against Cambodia at Tehran's Azadi Stadium on Thursday.

According to the sports ministry, the stadium named “Freedom” in Farsi has a capacity to accommodate 100,000 people and the authorities have arranged all the facilities to welcome the women spectators.

Raha Poorbakhsh, a football journalist, is the one among the 3,500 women who have to secure their tickets as of now.

Since 1979 the Islamic revolutionists were restricted women from stadiums in Iran. However, the ban for women from the stadium was not written into law or regulations but has been strictly enforced.

Ahead of Qatar 2022, Iran has come under force to lift off this ban for women spectators and allowed them to watch this World Cup qualifier.

In 2001, about 20 Irish women attended a World Cup qualifier and after four years a few dozen Iranian women were allowed to watch the national ‘Team Melli’ held in Bahrain.