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Observers Consider Female Pain “Less Intense”: Study On Gender Bias

BP World Bureau | Apr 08 2021 11:26:41 AM
Image credits: pinterest

Gender bias is observed among patients, male and female when they express the same amount of pain, where female pain is considered less intense, according to a study titled “Gender biases in the estimation of others’ pain."

The gender bias stated here could be defined as a difference in ratings for male and female patients despite the same level of responses, per this study published in the Journal of Pain.

Women are stereotyped such that they are more expressive than men, perhaps ‘overly’ expressive, then the tendency will be to discount women’s pain behaviour by practitioners. 

Both men and women interpreted women’s pain to be less intense, said that study.

Elizabeth Losin, co-author of the study, stated that women are often prescribed less treatment compared to men as well as wait longer to receive.