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Only 32% of married women are employed in India, NFHS report

BP World Bureau | May 16 2022 10:25:28 PM
Image Credits: Open Source

According to the latest report by the National Family Health Survey, only 32 per cent of married women between the age group of 15 to 49 are employed in India. At the same time, 98 per cent of men in the same age group are employed. Most women in India quit their jobs and engage in household activities after their marriage. This report reveals that the gender discrimination in India is still very much prevalent. The male domination is never going to change in our society until the women understand they should not depend on their partners.

However, the percentage has slightly changed from last year's report, from 31 per cent between 2019-2021 to 32 per cent. According to the report by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, around 21 million women leave their jobs and only nine per cent of the eligible women are looking for new positions. One of the shocking facts is that 15 per cent of working women are not paid in our country. On the contrary, only four per cent of men are facing this dilemma. The report also revealed that women are paid less and the possibility of promotion is less as compared to men.