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Shweta Pandit Attacks Hema Sardesai’s Post Defending #MeToo Accuser Anu Malik

BP World Bureau | Nov 07 2019 11:57:31 AM

MUMBAI: Singer Shweta Pandit has launched an attack on playback singer and lyricist Hema Sardesai for defending the music composer Anu Malik who has been accused of several #MeToo cases and questioning the integrity of the women who have come up with sexual harassment cases against him.

Taking to Twitter, Shweta wrote that Hema’s defence for Anu Malik was beyond shameful and she felt disgusted.

“What are you thinking? Do your statement means that ‘a child abuse victim’ and a ‘rape victim’ are equally involved in getting themselves abused? Seriously? Disgusted of this statement, that too from a woman. This is highly insensitive and ignorant,” Shweta’s tweet read.

Shweta’s tweet has come as a reply to Hema Sardesai’s Instagram write up where she has defended Anu Malik from #MeToo accusations. She clearly pointed out that it takes two hands to clap which accuses the victims as well for the abuse.

Hema has also mentioned that she was one of the few people who showed strength to raise voice against abuse in her.

“Years ago when my career was on the struggle I was the only singer who has clearly stated publicly that I have refused to compromise my values for gaining songs. All of these people were silent then, why? And why they have kept quiet for so many years. With my sheer grace, I blessed with many super hit songs including those directed by Anu Malik. If a decent singer like me could sing songs for him it proves that there is a great Artiste in him who respected true talent and consider singers on the basis of their talents in singing alone. The singers who raise voice against him why remain silent for so many years. And for the singers who are throwing stones against him I want to say that it takes to hands to clap rite,” Hema’s statement read.

Meanwhile, Shweta Pandit was a minor when composer Anu Malik took sexual advances towards her during her early stage of career.