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Women Face Biggest Threat From Taliban: Kanika Gupta

BP World Bureau | Aug 18 2021 09:26:57 AM
Image credits: BP creatives

NEW DELHI: Journalist Kanika Gupta said that Afghan women and girls face the biggest threat from the Taliban.

While the Taliban are reiterating that they will not discriminate against women, Gupta said that women are facing threats in the country.

She had received information that the Taliban was looking for her and tried to flee the country. 

Whenever she was stopped at checkpoints, the Taliban men refused to speak to her because she is a woman and talked only to her male counterparts. 

Women were often asked to step aside in the presence of Taliban men. 

She mentioned that the hoardings of women have been covered in Kabul and after their arrival, women did not step out. 

"Kabul has such dynamic, intelligent, and fashionable women. It's always great to talk to them," she said.

Women also face acid attack threats from the Taliban unless they comply and cover properly.