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Ziva's New Maternity Kit To Help New Borns Amid COVID-19

BP World Bureau | Nov 20 2020 07:02:56 PM
Image credits: BP creatives

Ziva Maternity Wear has launched a new maternity kit to help mothers and their newborns during this COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. 

This kit will help pregnant women overcome their anxiousness during this pandemic while they wait for their baby to come. There are 28 necessary objects in this kit to help the mothers and 22 items are meant for the baby. 

The maternity kit includes; 

1. Baby Jabla Clothing - 9
2. Baby Nappy - 6
3. Towels for laying - 6
4. Hood towel
5. Baby Bib
6. Mitten
7. Bootie
8. Baby Cap
9. Head Rest
10. Baby Pillow
11. Baby changing sheet
12. Cotton wipes - 10
13. Dry Sheet M
14. Reusable fabric diaper S
15. Reusable fabric Pad
16. Baby bed sheet
17. Baby blanket
18. Burp Cloth - 3
19. Baby Romper - 3
20. Side Pillow
21. Wooden toy
22. Kit for keeping baby’s items
For New Mother
23. Maternity Pad – 5
24. Bra Extender - 3
25. Nursing Pad - 2
26. Maternity Belly Belt – 1
27. Ziva Zusu – 10
28. Nursing Cover - 1


Ziva Maternity Wear ensures that only those items that promise the comfort and safety of the newborn and the mother are sold. 


Women can prepare for the birth of their child with this kit to ensure their comfort. 

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Now a household name in the maternity segment, Ziva maternity wear is a brainchild product of May Joy, one of the co-founders of the brand.

The brand was from Joy's own struggles with pregnancy and post-maternity days for suitable attire and ended up with the brand Ziva Maternity Wear.

May Joy stitched dresses that helped her during her maternity and discovered a niche for the business.  She opened the first store in 2012 with maternity clothes and accessories for women. Today, it has more than 20 maternity wear retail shops across Kerala.