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Backlash Prompts Mysuru University To Withdraw Circular Restricting Women

BP World Bureau | Aug 29 2021 10:38:55 AM
Image credits: Twitter

MYSURU:  University of Mysore withdrew a circular which restricted women's movement within the campus after massive backlash. The circular banned women's movement after 6:30 pm within the campus after a woman was gang raped. 

Karnataka Higher Education Minister Ashwathnarayanan C N directed the University of Mysore to withdraw the circular prohibiting female students from moving.

"All University Chancellors are advised to take safety measures to create safe university campuses. For proper monitoring, security personnel must patrol regularly," he said.

In the revised circular, University of Mysore extended the same rule to all students and not just women. Backlash included questions regarding why no restrictions are imposed on men. 

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Students on campus have been barred from going to Kukkarahalli Lake premises as well after 6.30 pm, security personnel have been asked to deploy patrolling teams.

Defending the restrictions, Vice-Chancellor G Hemanthakumar said that this is done in the best interests of girls and that earlier circular was wrongly worded. 

A 23-year-old college student was allegedly gang-raped by four men while her friend was attacked near Chamundi Hills, a prominent pilgrim and tourist destination.

Five men including a juvenile have been arrested in connection with the case.