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'Bulli Bai' App Creator Has No Remorse, Believes He Did The Right Thing

BP World Bureau | Jan 07 2022 05:03:29 PM
Image credits: Twitter

NEW DELHI: 21-year-old second-year BTech student who is the main accused in the 'Bulli Bai App' case stated that he has no remorse in creating the app.
During police interogation, Neeraj Bishnoi who is the main accused behind the app used by right-wing extremists to 'auction' Muslim women, said that he believes that he did the right thing.
He is a second-year BTech student from an institute in Bhopal.
The Delhi Police arrested him from Assam's Jorhat district. Authorities had recovered the device used to create the app that was hosted on GitHub, a Microsoft-owned software-sharing platform, which has been removed.
He had used a Twitter handle - @bullibai_ - and another one @sage0x1 was used to spread the word.
Bishnoi reportedly also created a @giyu44 handle that he used to mock Mumbai Police, referring to them as "slumbai police", after three people were arrested. Three people being Mayank Rawal, Shweta Singh, and Vishal Kumar Jha.
Less than a year ago, another app named 'Sulli deals' had also auctioned Muslim women from India and outside.
While no sale has been made, the actual motive was to degrade, humiliate and harass Muslim women who are opinionated and active on social media.