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More Girls Enrolling In Combat Sports After Nirbhaya Case

BP World Bureau | Jul 15 2020 06:41:23 PM
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Munawar Anzar, the Secretary of the Indian Blind and Para Judo Association revealed that the number of girls partaking in combat sports has increased since the Nirbhaya case.

He said that currently, the ratio would be 60:40 in favour of girls and parents send them to learn martial arts form like Judo to inspire them to gain control. 

Munawar Anzar is only paralympic referee from India to have officiated in the 2012 London Paralympics

Anzar opined that he chose Judo because it helps one become mentally strong and keeps her or him physically in great shape and builds strength.

Nirbhaya case took place on December 16th, 2012 where six men attacked and gang-raped a paramedical student.

The incident led to nationwide reckoning in terms of violence against women.