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Ignorance Cannot Be Justified For Discrimination: Justice Venkatesh On LGBT Rights

BP World Bureau | Jun 09 2021 01:52:28 PM
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CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU: Justice Anand Venkatesh fought his own prejudice and made an effort to understand same-sex relationships and the issues faced by the community. 

He said that community ignorance cannot be used to justify discrimination against another section based on their identity or sexual orientation. 

He conversed with a transwoman who narrated all the horrors that they face, from bullying and societal stigma to the very problematic practice of conversion therapy.

He took it upon himself to understand, educate and unlearn prejudice in all forms to deliver better forms of justice. 

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"Societal impact has a lot of bearing in our understanding of relationships right down to our subconscious, and we involuntarily vouch only for those relationships which the society deemed ‘fit and proper',” he said.

On June 7th this year, Madras High Court pronounced a historic order, giving guidelines to create a safe environment for the LGBTQIA+ community.

This included against the problematic ‘conversion therapy’, which supposedly meant to cure people of their homosexuality. 

Rajashree Raju, the board member of Queerala, expressed the community's satisfaction and happiness regarding this development by Madras high court.