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Man Sends Nude Pic To Journalist Barkha Dutt

BP World Bureau | Feb 18 2019 02:50:55 PM
Image credits:twitter

A man send graphic pics of his private parts to journalist Barkha Dutt via whatsapp, a case of cyber sexual harassment.

Barkha Dutt took to Twitter to expose the man’s abusive behaviour by sharing the image and the man’s phone number.

“I am sorry to have to share this on Twitter. But this number is sending me nude pictures of his genitals in the name of Nationalism,” she wrote on Twitter.

She tagged Madhur Verma Deputy Commissioner of Plice (DCP) of New Delhi district, in her post.

She also revealed men who shared her phone number, which gave way to several deaths and stalking on her.


DCP Madhur Verman assured her that they will investigate the issue.

She had earlier received a message saying that her number is being circulated on social media.


Barkha Dutt has faced cyber bullying earlier for her views on Indian right wing and nationalist groups over the years. She had written candidly in her columns about her experience. Recently, she offered help to Kashmiris who were being abused and harassed by mob in North India by sharing information on how they can get help.