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Partner's Positive Physical Touch Improves One's Mood, Well-Being: Study

BP World Bureau | Nov 23 2021 10:41:09 AM
Image credits: Twitter

A study conducted by senior researcher Anik Debrot at University of Lausanne found out that physical touch between couples can lead to better well-being and a boost in one’s mood in their daily life. These findings were published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Debrot also found that people having difficulties with trusting others and psychological and physical intimacy also enjoy positive behavior in their relationships.

The researchers conducted three studies to understand this subject, the first study surveying 1604 individuals in relationships, the second study with 80 couples, and third study with 98 couples doing nightly surveys for 28 days.

All three studies had matching results: those with a larger attachment avoidance tend to engage in very less frequent touching of their partner and receive a little touch from their partner.

Debrot concluded by saying one should not force their partner to receive physical affection against their wishes and understand what makes people more avoidantly attached and understand what can be done to make them more open to physical touch.