PM Modi Expresses Concerns About Afghanistan Becoming Terrorism

BP World Bureau | Oct 13 2021 09:13:28 AM
Image credits: Twitter

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his concerns about Afghanistan becoming a source of radicalisation and terrorism.

Speaking at the G20 Extraordinary Summit on Afghanistan, called on the international community to prevent this from happening.

He added that in order to improve the situation in Afghanistan, a unified international response based on United Nations Security Council Resolution 2593 is necessary.

Under India's presidency at United Nations, the UNSC resolution talked about the need for upholding human rights in Afghanistan.

The Taliban took over the nation after the US pulled out their military after a period of 20 years. The country's democratic government collapsed and the Taliban has imposed religious dictatorship.


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The Afghan people are facing hunger and malnutrition. PM Modi also emphasised the need for the international community to ensure that Afghanistan has immediate humanitarian assistance. 

After the occupation of the Taliban, the rights of girls, women, and minorities have been compromised. 

"He conveyed support for the important role of the United Nations in Afghanistan and called for renewed support of the G20 for the message contained in UN Security Council Resolution 2593 on Afghanistan," said MEA on behalf of the prime minister.