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SJ News: Priyanka Gandhi Stops Speech For Rape Survivor's Mother, Unnao Girl's Statement

BP World Bureau | Feb 24 2021 11:17:22 AM
Image credits: Twitter

Priyanka Stops Speech After Hearing Rape Survivor's Mother's Slogans 

The Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi stopped her speech midway to listen to the slogans raised by a woman who is the mother of a rape survivor. 

The woman was from Rajasthan where the Ashok Gehlot government is in power.

Priyanka Gandhi took part in a rally in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh and while she was addressing the farmers' meeting, she was interrupted by the woman's slogans.

Gandhi then took her aside and spoke to the woman. She called Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on the spot, who assured her justice. 

Unnao Teen Says She Was Poisoned, Denies Sexual Assault 

A 17-year-old girl, who was found in an unconscious state along with two other minors, has recorded her statement corroborating the findings of the investigators.

She said that she was poisoned but denied sexual assault. 

She was one of the three Dalit girls, others aged 13 and 16, who were found in a bad condition in their family field. Other girls died due to the poisoning. 

The girl told Unnao police that she and her cousins were poisoned by 28-year-old Vinay. 

Police said that the accused were stalking and harassing them for allegedly rejecting his advances. 

UP Couples Saves Girl By Donating Blood On Their Wedding Day

An Uttar Pradesh couple helped out a girl in need by attending to their call for blood donation, on their wedding day. 

The couple was dressed in their wedding attires and garlands while giving away blood. 

Women In Saudi Arabia To Take Up Arms And Join The Military

Women in Saudi Arabia are all set to break a major glass ceiling as they are now permitted to take up arms and join the military.

Women can now be employed as soldiers, lance corporals, corporals, sergeants, and staff sergeants.

Under the rule of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, women have been emancipated from the grasps of male domination as they are now free of gender based segregation in public places, permitted to drive, permitted to study overseas and male guardianship is relaxed. 

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has mentioned before that with women's participation, Saudi can be transformed into a strong economy in the Arab world.