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‘Why I Can’t Feel Safe In My Own Bharat’, Woman’s Solitary Protest Outside Parliament

BP World Bureau | Nov 30 2019 03:43:05 PM
Image credits:twitter

NEW DELHI: A woman staged a lonely protest outside the Parliament against the increasing number of assaults on women. Anu Dubey, who is in her mid-20s, sat on the pavement near Parliament gate number 2-3, carrying a placard that reads ‘why I can’t feel safe in my own Bharat’.


The police took her in and released her later after hearing her grievances. Dubey was asked to go to Jantar Mantar to continue her protest when police found her outside the parliament.

She was taken to the Parliament Street Police Station in a police vehicle when she refused to go to the Jantar Mantar.

Her protests were seen at a time when horrifying rape and gangrape cases were from across India. A Hyderabad based veterinary doctor's charred body was found in the outskirts of the city. As per the reports, she was abducted after her scooter tyre became flat and was gang-raped.

Four men have been arrested in association with the case. Another woman's charred body was found in the area from where the Vet's body was found.

In South India, a 32-year-old was abducted and raped by five men. One of them was murdered by the other four men when it was his turn to rape the woman.

In Ranchi, a law student was gang-raped by a group of 12 armed men and all of them were arrested.

The cases led to outrage nationally and the cases came to light co-incidentally after South Indian director K Bhagyaraj delivered a long speech blaming women for "letting" the rape happen and that men should not be blamed for the incident.