Social Justice

What Is Woke Washing And Why Its Hypocritical?

BP World Bureau | Sep 15 2021 10:35:04 AM
Image credits: Twitter

Woke washing is when a brand uses major social justice issues for marketing and takes a stance regarding the same to make a profit. At least 81% of millennials expect brands to make a public commitment to their social causes, according to the 2015 Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report.

Therefore brands use social justice issues to make promotions.

However, it is deemed hypocritical because the same brands don't live up to the social justice ideologies when it comes to their own employees.

For example, sportswear brand Nike made Serena Williams the front of their campaign that aimed to challenge the attitude towards women in sports. But there were several reported which stated that women were denied paid maternity leaves.

Alysia Montaño, the runner sponsored by Nike revealed that she was denied paid maternity leaves.

Unilever CEO Alan Jope slammed the process of woke washing because it takes advantage of issues but does not take actual steps towards betterment.