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Jyoti Patel Becomes First Female Author In India To Pen Book On Taekwondo

BP World Bureau | Aug 17 2021 11:07:22 AM
Image credits: BP creatives

Author Jyoti Patel penned a new book titled 'Tae Kwon Do : An Olympic Sport', making a niche for herself as the first woman author in India to write about the sport. She announced the launch of her book cover earlier on August 9th.

'Tae Kwon Do : An Olympic Sport' will cover Taekwondo and its discipline. Author and designer Ajitabha Bose designed the book cover. 

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that focuses on training both body and soul. It has also become popular as a discipline in para Olympic sports and to train women and girls in self-defense. 

Patel was lauded on social media for being the first female author to write about the Korean sport and for taking a step in popularising it amongst the Indian masses.

Jyoti Patel is an entrepreneur and best-selling author of six books; 'Sensation of a Soul,' 'The Mystic Soul,' 'Whispers of the Soul,' 'The Curved Rainbow,' 'The Forest of Feelings,' and 'Anamika.'

She co-founded three startups; JP Enterprise, JP Consultancy Services, which is an online consultancy service, and Resume Corner which helps individuals in building world-class resumes.

The Hyderabad-based writer is also a world record holder and a global goodwill ambassador.

She has won several accolades such as 'influential author 2018,' 'author of the year 2019,' 'genius Indian achiever award 2019,' and 'she inspires 2020.'