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AIIMS Releases COVID-19 Home Isolation Guidelines

BP World Bureau | May 11 2021 02:02:56 PM
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NEW DELHI: AIIMS released guidelines for COVID-19 that will help them in home isolation. 

Home isolation methods, stated by Saurabh Mittal, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, are to help in making unoccupied hospital space and restrain the spread of infection.

As per their guidelines; 

  1. Home isolation is recommended only for those with mild disease, where they have only upper respiratory tract symptoms and face no shortness of breath.
  2. Residences with isolated COVID-19 patients must have separate bathrooms for them. 
  3. Patients must be under the care of a professional supervisor who must have a link with a hospital and physician should be kept updated regarding symptoms.
  4. Continue medications for comorbid conditions and should be hydrated.
  5. Patients should make use of a pulse oximeter to monitor symptoms and doctors should be kept updated, regarding possible deterioration of the symptoms. Oxygen saturation below 94% is abnormal. Using a proning method is reliable.
  6. Patient's room in the house should cross ventilation. 
  7. Family members, especially the elderly, should not share personal items with patients. 
  8. Patients should wear triple layered masks. Masks should be discarded after 8 hours of use and be disinfected with sodium hypochlorite.
  9. Table-tops and doorknobs should be disinfected with 1% hypochlorite solution or phenyl.
  10. Utensils and other stuff used by patients should be cleaned well with a detergent. 
  11. Remdesivir should be taken only after the prescription of a medical professional.

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